Interested in Healing with Crystals???

Curious About how They Work?

Crystals, Gems and Stones have skyrocketed to popularity, becoming a staple for most people dabbling in "anything woo-woo or all things spirituality" thanks to consumerism and popculture trends. But Crystals are so much more than a pretty rock to display in our yoga studios or our living rooms. They are growing, LIVING lifeforms with a message to share with humanity.

Learn The Science Behind Crystals

& The Spiritual Aspects Too!

Did you know that Crystals are ALIVE and that they GROW!? Yes, there is a consciousness to Crystals and science knows this! Remember the Rock Cycle and the Periodic Table you learned about back in 7th grade? No? Lol yeah, it's been a long time since discussing that topic but believe it or not, they both play a MAJOR part in how Crystals are formed and their affects on us. Learn about all this and more in the Introduction to Crystal Healing webinar!

This Webinar Will Help You:

  • Bridge the gap between science and spirituality as it pertains to Crystals

  • Learn about how Crystals work with our energy fields

  • Know what to look for when purchasing Crystals

  • Learn the difference between a Crystal, Gemstone, Rock and Mineral

  • Learn how to heal and connect with Crystals

  • Learn how Crystals got their meanings